I love what you’ve done with the page! Looks great!!


A funny story about how I named my blog

After several minutes of over-thinking my blog, I came to the conclusion that I was spending way to much time trying to even find a name for my blog, much less configure its design or even content. Helplessly, I turned to my 4 yr old son for advice. I asked him, “What should I name my blog?”, he insisted it be called “FROG blog”. The rest is history.

I ran with it! But later, I curiously went back to ask him to see if he even knows what a blog is and he confidently said “Well ofcourse I do, Mom. Everyone does! It’s a spider and a frog mixed.” But that’s besides the point! Little did I know that a spider frog actually exists!!

spider frog

Thus, a FROG blog was born. Naming the site was easy, the hard part was trying to figure out what FROG could stand for! Flexible Response to On-Going Growth is here to stay. Great job Aiden!